What to do on the

On the Northern end of Gros Morne National Park, The Turnip is a great mid-way point for exploring The Great Northern Penninsula. 

Great Northern Peninsula

Adventure Awaits

which way today?

The Turnip

South of The Turnip


Wanderer's Peek Trail

5 minutes south

Newfoundland's only short story trail

5.1 km- approx. 3 hours

Spectacular views!!


Shallow Bay Beach

10 minutes south

Shallow and sandy beach 

Great for swimming or chillin

Often see clams, sand dollar, jelly fish

shallow bay 2.JPG
shallow bay 1.JPG
shallow bay 3.JPG
Lighthouse 1.jpg

Lighthouse Trail

10 minutes south

non active, built in 1909 in the hollow of promontory on Cow Head Summerside accessible by scenic walking trail.

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Lighthouse 3.JPG
old mail 2.JPG
old mail 1.JPG

Old Mail Tail

10 minutes south

An easy 1.5 – 2 hour, 2 km return walk between the sand dunes, forest, and campground at Shallow Bay. Every winter from 1882 to 1952, mailmen travelled it by dogsled to deliver mail along the coast.

old mail 3.JPG
Western Brook 2.jpg

Western Brook Boat Tour

20 minutes south

Popular tour of the fjord at Western Brook

About an hour hike to the boat dock

Great for winter snowshoeing

western Brook 1.jpg

Explore Gros Morne

20 minutes south

Guided camping, hiking, kayaking.
Offering single day and multi day tours

green point 3.JPG

Green Point

30 minutes south

 Almost 500 million years ago, these rocks formed on the bottom of an ancient ocean. 

A short pathway leads to the shoreline for close up views of the rocks or follow the cliff top pathway to a spectacular view over the point.

green point 2.JPG
gren point 1.JPG

Coastal Trail

30 minutes south

An easy2 hour, 6 km return. This trail follows the old mail road along a cobble beach, small ponds and coastal tuckamore that provide a pleasant variety of habitats. Wonderful ocean breezes, lovely sunsets, migrating shorebirds and ducks.

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sweet rock 1.jpg

Sweet Rock Ice-cream

45 minutes south
Homemade ice cream made fresh daily using both local ingredients

Plus Aunt Sarah's Chocolate

sweet rock 3.jpg

Traditions by Miranda

45 minutes south

Art gallery and shop
Must see! Like really!

miranda 2.jpg
Miranda 1.jpg
Miranda 3.jpg
Berry Hill 1.JPG
Berry hill 2.JPG

Berry Hill Trail

41 minutes south

1.5 km short but steep hike, lots of stairs. Climb the trail to several viewpoints atop Berry Hill.
Trail head for Baker's Brook falls also located here. 

Berry Hill 3.JPG

Baker's Brook falls

41 minutes south

10 km, in and out trail. Easy, mostly board walk. Leading to Baker's Brook Falls

Bakers brook 3.JPG
Bakers brook 1.JPG
Bakers brook 2.JPG
Bonne Bay Marine 3.jpg

Bonne Bay
Marine Station

50 minutes south

The public aquarium is open seasonally and showcases our local marine flora and fauna. When you visit, you will be able to meet our student interpreters who will guide you through the biology and ecology of Bonne Bay.


Bonne Bay Marine 1.jpg
Bonne Bay Marine 2.jpg
IMG_20200724_130234 (1).jpg

Gros Morne Mountain

50 minutes south

2nd highest mountain in Newfoundland
16 km difficult hike
approx. 7 hours
closed until July to protect the flora and fauna

IMG_20180711_135053 (1).jpg

The Tablelands

1.5 hours south

Half a billion years in the making!

Walk on the earth's mantle


North of The Turnip


The Arches

10 minutes north

Awesome rock formations

Great for sunset viewing

If you're into it, you can climb them!!

Bills woods 1.JPG
Bills Woods 3.JPG

Bill's Woods Trail

20 minutes north
Short 1.5 km, in and out, boardwalk trail, leading to a sandy beach, great for swimming!

Bills woods 2.JPG

Bellburns Community Trail

26 minutes north

1 km hiking trail to the beach. Great place to wander

Lots of rock formations to climb


French Rooms

Cultural Centre

1.25 hours north

Costumed Demos of French bread making...and tasting :)


Thrombolite Walking Trail

2 hours north

1.4 km easy trail

approx. 30 minutes

Great for stretching your legs


L'anse Aux Meadows

3.5 hours north
Confirmed Norse site
See the recreated Viking settlement

Not just the historical site, but check out The Norstead Viking Village and hiking trail

L'Anse Aux Meadows

Norstead Viking Village