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The Great Northern Peninsula is one of the most rural parts of Newfoundland. We have lots and lots of untouched nature and an abundance of space to explore. 

We currently have three options for supper within 10 minutes 

Check out The Black Spruce or Chanterelles In Norris Point (50 min south) for an exceptionally yummy, fine dinning expierence

Sunrise Bakery 

This small eatery in town offers yummy baked goods and diner style items (poutine, burgers etc.)

General hours:

June-Sept- open till 6:30pm

(hours are subject to change. You can reach out to me for the most current hours)

Shallow Bay

10 Minutes away in Cow Head

This is a full service restaurant offering lobster, in season!

I would be happy to make you a reservation

General hours :

June and July- open till 8pm

Aug-Sept- open till 9pm

The Turnip

For your convivence and tastebuds we offer canned moose soup!

Eat now and pay me in the morning :)

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